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community guidelines & faq

community guidelines

o1. Prompts are posted bimonthly (that's every other month, not twice a month!). You have from the time the prompt is posted until the time the next prompt is posted to write a fill based on the prompt.

o2. While this community is intended to produce original works, we won't say no if you come bearing fanfiction. Fills need not necessarily be stories either - poetry and other sorts of text are all welcome. Go where inspiration takes you.

o3. When posting a fill, leave it as a comment on the prompt it was inspired by. The subject of your comment should read as follows: Title - Rating - Trigger Warnings (if applicable). We prefer if you link to the actual fill and provide a short blurb, but you may also post the entirety of the fill in the comments. 

o4. If you have additional questions, please ask them here!

o5. Your admins are [personal profile] spacegrandma[personal profile] skittishpunk, and [personal profile] scordatura!